– Online Travel Agency

The Company is an online travel agency offering cheap flight tickets to its visitors all over the world serving over 1.000.000 passengers annually. This corresponds to the passenger volume of the whole world in one day or to 1900 Airbus A380 planes full of people!

The Need
Tripsta serves its customers in more than 40 markets worldwide through its websites but also through more than 120 agents in three locations, Athens, Bucharest and Sao Paulo. They needed a Contact Center Solution which would offer central management of the three locations and would be combined with PBX services for their offices.

The Solution
Exelysis Contact Center (ECC) was implemented, together with Exelysis UCS. ECC was installed in a cloud data center, and one EUCS was installed in each location. ECC handled the management of the call center and all advanced features centrally while EUCS provided the interconnection with the telecom carriers and the basic office PBX features.

The Benefits
Tripsta managed to have centralized call center operations through three locations.
They were able to route calls through all locations based on agent skills, call priorities and time zones.
ECC was integrated with their CRM and other online services to provide a unified customer communication environment.
EUCS at the three locations provided Unified Communications functions for all users.