Greek School Network – Unified Communications for 1.5 million users

The Organization
Greek School Network is a service offered by the Greek Ministry of Education for the communication between all school students, teachers, schools and administration.

The Need
The Greek School Network needed to create a Unified Communications Environment for all its members to communicate through Voice, Instant Messaging, Conferencing, Presence and Video Calls. They needed to implement this with the minimum cost, taking advantage of scale benefits offered by open source technologies.

The Solution
Exelysis Unified Communication Solution (EUCS) was implemented, together with the OpenSIPs technology. This combination allowed all Unified Communication Services to be offered through minimum virtual infrastructure with high performance and service standards.

The Benefits
Greek School Network was deployed for 1.5 million users and 3,500 locations.
Its members were able to communicate in different modern ways, creating a true network.
It was implemented at a relatively low cost and with high scalability.
Its performance standards reached very high levels, with each virtual server being able to handle 6,000 new interactions per second.