A Unified
Contact Center Platform

An open and flexible communication framework,
beyond Contact Centers.


A telecom solution for the Hospitality Industry


Exelysis Unified Communication Solution covers essential telecom needs

Recording Platform

An integrated call logging and recording platform, offering the highest level of security on recorded calls.

Microbase has been certified as a Gold Partner of Omilia Conversational Intelligence, bringing on to Exelysis Solutions the most advanced human-like human-to-machine communication experiences and technologies in the market.
Exelysis Natural Language Understanding (NLU) powered by Omilia, lies in the field of OmniChannel AI Conversation, which as a Self-Service Solution uses AI to provide enterprise-grade, human-to-machine technology leading to unparalleled customer experiences.

The speech recognition and natural language understanding (NLU) -of key concepts and intents- is applied on the Microbase Exelysis platform and already exploited by its customers of sectors such as financial organizations, telecommunications, infrastructure, telemarketing services, etc., worldwide. Aiming to help large enterprises improve the customer care experience, Exelysis NLU powered by Omilia, exploits the most updated technologies to overcome the IVR as a legacy experience, and rediscover it as the new, digital channel; being state-of-technology and art oriented.

The "One Platform for All Channels" covers Omni-Channel Customer Care with Voice & Text for call center, mobile app, web chat, sms, smart speakers, social media, email; same impeccable conversational experience on all channels, redefining human-to-machine communication experiences.


Our Customer base is as diverse as our products, spread across four continents

What Our Clients Say

John V.

IT Director

Overall Rating


“Exelysis Contact Center a very adaptable system”

Overall: We needed a system adaptable Improve overall customer experience and minimize costs at the same time. Installation and adaptations were easy. The quality of the system so far is very good. Our system integrations and requirement and reporting specifications were not easy (really complex in fact) but were carried out with success.

Pros: The flexibility and the ROI. Exelysis is a very adaptable Call Center Software System with API and functionally enabling customers to integrate the Call System into everyday procedures and systems. Also, the company who supports it is very easy to communicate and able to carry out whatever customizations the customer needs in order to adapt with Call Center procedures for incoming and outgoing calls. Also, integration with an NLU system was done seamlessly.

Cons: So far there were no features we did not like so far.

Tasos C.

Managing Director

Overall Rating


“Exelysis Cloud is the best communication tool”

Overall: The overall experience with Exelysis Sales and Pre-Sales team was very good. The migration process was very easy and the communication skills of Engineers were very good. On usage, all are moving smoothly and we are very pleased with our chose.

Pros: Atrotech has the cloud version, which includes pbx and contact center services. Our plan also includes all telecom costs, such as telephone numbers and voice minutes. We really like the 24/7 support that we needed only once, where actual response time was less than 10 mins. Recently we have activated the option for encrypted recordings with Cloud archiving, which works great having the highest level of security and encryption.

Cons: We would like to include Natural Language Understanding to our solution, however the implementation cost was very high for our company size.

Panos P.

Business Development Manager

Overall Rating


“Exelysis Contact Center as Automated Dialer Integrated with AroTRON Debt Collection Software”

Overall: We have embedded Exelysis as an automated dialing engine in our Debt Collection Platform (AroTRON) and currently it is operating in more than 12 installations without any issues. Exelysis has responded timely in all requests of our clients for support, improvements and new features.

Pros: Exelysis has excellent engineers with in depth know-how in the CTI enabling the streamlined integration with our software and the telco providers. Online monitoring and statistics of agents are real time and comprehensive. Exelysis supports all dialing modes and especially under predictive calling provides superior performance. Exelysis has integration and compatibility with Asterisk Open Source PBX which is used in most of our installations.

Cons: Exelysis does not provide full omni channel support.

Angelos K.

Head of Devops

Overall Rating


“A world contender for CTI systems”

Overall: I used exelysis in two previous companies that I worked at. The former was mostly an outgoing contact center that used predictive dialing and the latter a classic call center that fielded agent calls. In both cases Exelysis performed spectacularly and its mother company was able to assist us with various integration tasks to third party systems. Highly recommended.

Pros: It actually does what it claims at a fraction of the cost of equivalent big name commercial systems and with a local support team par none.

Cons: Nothing that I can think off, it performed more than adequately


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