Financial Organizations


Financial Organizations (Banks, Insurance Companies, Investment Banks, Traders) face certain communication challenges while performing Customer Service. With Exelysis, organizations achieve the highest security standards especially regarding the handling of sensitive information.

Exelysis provides secure, scalable and highly advanced features to cover even the most demanding requirements.

Selected by numerous financial organizations, Exelysis becomes the designated telecom solution for this market, providing key features:

  • A Unified Telecommunication Solution with Centralized Management for multiple Branches
  • An Embedded Auditing / Recording Platform providing Recording for all resources: Internal Phone of all types (Analogue, IP), External Lines of all types (TDM, GSM, POTS, IP), Conference Rooms, IVR etc.
  • Recording File Encryption with PKI keys
  • Advanced Auditing Capabilities for user tracing 
  • Advanced Notifications for Recording Playbacks
  • Multi-level Authorization for Recording Playback
  • Encrypted Voice between IP devices in a LAN or WAN communication
  • Local encrypted recording for each branch with centralized auditing functions
  • Unlimited Conference Rooms with unlimited audience
  • Support for Video Calls and Video Conferencing
  • Fax Server support, with Fax to Email and Print to Fax functions
  • Integration with 3rd Party applications for automated personalized Faxing
  • IVR and Voice Portal (Voice Recognition) applications for e-Banking implementations
  • Fully integrated Contact Center Solution (All in One approach)


A telecom solution for the Hospitality Industry

Recording Platform

An integrated call logging and recording platform

Case Study

Investment Bank

The Customer is a leader in investment banking and brokerage services, holding top ranks in mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and SPOs, as well as underwriting and debt structuring. Moreover, the Customer consistently occupies top positions among Greek brokerage houses in transaction volumes and is an undisputed leader in the local derivatives market.


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