Coffee Store Chain

Exelysis provides a solution for a large coffee store chain with more than 200 stores.

The main need covered was routing the customer’s call for delivery orders, to the closest local store, while maintaining a minimally staffed call center for manual routing of new or unidentified calls.

Starting from this need, a sophisticated implementation has taken place, consisting of the following features:

  • Integration with a GIS based CRM to determine the local store for each customer
  • Call center functionality for a 200 stores network, with each store operating as an inbound call servicing agent
  • Fully redundant implementation with Active-Active configuration
  • Disaster Recovery implementation in Data Center infrastructure
  • Overflow call routing
  • Customized statistics
  • Real-time Monitoring Large Screen for better call management
  • Ability for POS integration


Exelysis Unified Communication Solution covers essential telecom needs

Recording Platform

An integrated call logging and recording platform

Case Study

Coffee Store Chain

The Customer is a large snack meal and coffee delivery company in Athens, Greece. It started as a small sandwich outlet in 1972 and today it operates more than 200 stores in 4 countries, serving more than 200,000 customers daily.


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