Exelysis Recording Platform

Exelysis Recording Platform is an integrated call logging and recording platform, offering the highest level of security on the most sensitive of data, the recorded calls.


Call is recorded on the EMG


Encrypted through random AES256 Key


AES256 Key encrypted with Public RSA2048 Keys of the customer


Authorized users with Private Keys, through Exelysis Recording Application, retrieve and listen to recordings

This process ensures the recording security as:

The AES256 keys used for the encryption are large and different per recording and are not stored anywhere. Even if someone acquired somehow access to a key, they would be able to listen to just one recording.

The AES256 keys encryption is done through customers’ public keys, the private counterparts of which are only at their disposal, without Exelysis or other 3rd party having any ability to decrypt the keys.

The Exelysis Recording Server is also a key manager, enabling the administrator to add/remove keys with access to recordings.


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