Mobile Operators
Store Network


Exelysis has provided a solution to Telecom Operators valuable to their large store networks, to expand their services with call center operations.

Through a cloud contact center infrastructure and central management, telecom companies have created small call centers in each store (2 to 5 agents) communicating with customers with the “friendly” voice of their local store, building a more personal relationship.

Through these implementations, the telecom operators are able to:

  • Communicate with a very large number of existing and potential customers.
  • Do it in the most efficient and productive way.
  • Ensure confidentiality of the store-owned lists.
  • Maximize profits, customer acquisition and retention.
  • Analyze performance through analytical and centralized monitoring and statistics.

Features provided by Exelysis which enable above benefits include:

  • Flexibility and Interoperability with their own Custom CRM systems and procedures
  • Private Cloud capabilities which secure sensitive information of their customers
  • Increased security based on Telecom Carriers specifications
  • Customized Agent front end with sales tools, scripting and localization
  • Advanced and analytical reports
  • Real time monitoring for agents, resources, sales quotas etc.


Exelysis Unified Communication Solution covers essential telecom needs

Recording Platform

An integrated call logging and recording platform

Case Study

Telecom Operator

The Customer is a telecommunication company in Greece, founded in 1992. During its operation on mobile phone technology, the Customer has presented innovative products that changed telecoms.
The Customer was the first telecommunications company in Greece that offered its customers integrated Mobile Telephony, Fixed Telephony & Internet services.


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