Large Scale
Outbound Dialing


A trending need in telecom carriers - especially in developing countries - is to communicate messages to their millions of customers, in a way that differentiates from the SMS.

As the SMS marketing is now considered a spam, the carriers are looking to communicate their messages to customers using voice, through automated outbound calls.

With this solution, providers are able to:

  • Reach millions of customers as Exelysis Broadcast Dialer is able to call simultaneously thousands of customers and complete marketing campaigns to large customer bases within days.
  • Have a higher (than SMS) conversion rate as it is proven that through phone calls, the communication with the customer becomes much more effective than with SMS.
  • Select the right message as through A/B Testing functionality, we are able to test the broadcasted message to several thousands and check results before choosing the most effective message to complete the campaign.
  • Get Detailed Feedback as with Exelysis analytical statistics and the use of “waypoints” on the IVR (an exclusive feature), we are able to know in detail, how the customer responded to our message.


Exelysis Unified Communication Solution covers essential telecom needs

Recording Platform

An integrated call logging and recording platform

Case Study

Telecom Provider in Africa

The Customer is a leading communication solutions provider in a south-central African country, offering data, fixed and wireless internet, mobile financial services, as well as voice and short message systems. Its footprint spans all local provinces and is covered by 4G (the fastest internet speed in the country), 3G, EDGE and 2G networks.


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