Exelysis Products have been deployed in two motorway projects in Greece, in the Peloponnese region, providing a turnkey solution for all telecommunication infrastructure required.

Key features provided included:

  • A Unified Telecommunication Solution for Toll Booths, Services, Tunnels, Administration Office, Motor Way Management Center, Emergency Phones, Public Announcement System.
  • Centralized Administration and Configuration
  • Integrated Contact Center Capabilities for Emergency Call Handling
  • Integration with Motor Way Management System using industrial protocols (SCADA) like Modbus
  • Automated device monitoring, remote device diagnostics and alarming, including analogue devices (ERT Phones, Public Phone etc)
  • Fully Hybrid Solution, supporting TDM, POTS, IP, GSM and other devices and technologies
  • Fully redundant, highly available design, transparent for the end user


A telecom solution for the Hospitality Industry


Exelysis Unified Communication Solution covers essential telecom needs

Case Study

Interstate Motorway

The Customer is an international holding Group based in Greece with long-term investments in key fields, including construction, environment and participation in concession projects; the Group holds more than 60 years of experience and expertise in complex and demanding projects.

The Customer undertook the obligation to construct, operate and maintain the Korinthos-Tripoli-Kalamata motorway and the Lefktro-Sparti branch.
The construction of the 205 km modern motorway was completed exclusively by Greek Companies.


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