Telemarketing Call Center with 600 agents

The Company
This company is one of the largest telemarketing call centers in the Greek market with more than 600 agents selling telecom, banking and power company services.

The Need
The continuous expansion of the company produced the need to distribute the increasing number of agents across different locations and cities. They needed to have a centrally managed platform to control their operations and take advantage of predictive dialing to maximize their production.

The Solution
Exelysis Contact Center (ECC) was implemented at a private cloud infrastructure with direct connections with the different locations. All provider lines, infrastructure and network was created at this private cloud with each location having just the agents equipment and the local network.

Exelysis predictive dialing was implemented for the handling of campaigns, integrated with a custom telemarketing CRM software.

The Benefits
Exelysis Predictive algorithm together with the central management of operation ensured that sales production would be maximized.
Infrastructure costs were kept at a minimum through economies of scale at the private cloud.
Maximum location flexibility was ensured, facilitating the upsizing-downsizing at will.