Features Lists – Market Solution Financial Organizations – List

22 Νοεμβρίου, 2019 2:16 μμ Published by
  • A Unified Telecommunication Solution with Centralized Management for multiple Branches
  • An Embedded Auditing / Recording Platform providing Recording for all resources: Internal Phone of all types (Analogue, IP), External Lines of all types (TDM, GSM, POTS, IP), Conference Rooms, IVR etc.
  • Recording File Encryption with PKI keys
  • Advanced Auditing Capabilities for user tracing 
  • Advanced Notifications for Recording Playbacks
  • Multi-level Authorization for Recording Playback
  • Encrypted Voice between IP devices in a LAN or WAN communication
  • Local encrypted recording for each branch with centralized auditing functions
  • Unlimited Conference Rooms with unlimited audience
  • Support for Video Calls and Video Conferencing
  • Fax Server support, with Fax to Email and Print to Fax functions
  • Integration with 3rd Party applications for automated personalized Faxing
  • IVR and Voice Portal (Voice Recognition) applications for e-Banking implementations
  • Fully integrated Contact Center Solution (All in One approach)