Mobile Operator
Case Study

Case Study

Wind Hellas

The Company

The Customer is a telecommunication company in Greece, founded in 1992. During its operation on mobile phone technology, the Customer has presented innovative products that changed telecoms.

The Customer was the first telecommunications company in Greece that offered its customers integrated Mobile Telephony, Fixed Telephony & Internet services.

The Business Challenge

The Customer services its customers through different channels. One of them is a retail network of more than 300 stores and Partner call centers. Retail stores provide the advantage of offering a more personal service compared to the impersonal call center agent, however they can only communicate when a customer enters the store. It is essential for the Company to be able to communicate with all its customers in the most efficient way to achieve its main goals: Increase of customers numbers, maximization of profits, maximization of customer retention and roll-over business.

To achieve the above, the Customer needed to combine the advantages of the central and mass communication, done through call centers, utilizing modern call center platforms and dialers to maximize productivity, with the more personal nature of the local store.

The Solution

Exelysis provided the solution! That was the deployment of Exelysis Contact Center, along with the included custom CRM module, through cloud infrastructure interconnected with the Customer. This implementation employs, in a centrally managed way, agents working both at the Customer’s stores and at Partner call center premises.

Supervisors upload the campaign lists and assign them to the Agents. To achieve maximum productivity, Exelysis Predictive Dialer is used, calling thousands of customers per day and achieving continuous communication.

Analytical monitoring and statistics allow supervisors to manage and control operations and watch KPIs. Exelysis Recording ensures quality control of the communications and through the integration with the CRM, the whole customer approach is performed in a unified way.

The Benefits

With the adaptation of the Exelysis Solutions, the Customer is now able to:

  • Communicate with a very large number of existing and potential customers in the most efficient and productive way.
  • Provide a “local” approach to the customer.
  • Maximize profits, customer acquisition and retention.
  • Analyze performance through analytical and centralized monitoring and statistics.

Through this implementation, the Telecom Operator managed to:

  • Communicate  effectively
  • Approach  the customer
  • Increase  Customer Retention
  • Analyze  their performance

The Exelysis features that enabled the above benefits were:

  • Predictive Dialing
  • Encrypted  Recording
  • Custom CRM
  • Campaign  Management
  • Real-time Monitoring

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