The Benefits

25 Νοεμβρίου, 2019 12:49 πμ Published by

The centralized control that Exelysis offered, boosted effectiveness of customer servicing and minimized costs greatly, especially in peak traffic management and delivery resources.

  • Several months after the new centralized system started operating, the customers expressed confidence and the Customer recorded improved results in the operation of the stores network.
  • Furthermore, the centralized call center offered the customers the chance to communicate directly with the company; that, resulted to a better overall customer satisfaction and better handling of problematic situations.
  • Along with the automation offered by the centralized call center, Exelysis gives visual representations of communication errors and store availability. This advantage means that the Customer can manually intervene where temporary failures occur, in order to reconnect stores or address rerouting of the calls where necessary.
  • Insights from the collected data (call records, order data and call recordings) are valuable to the Marketing and Operations departments. Based on such information the Customer can:

> further optimize the operation of the stores,
> dictate the needs for new additions to the stores’ network,
> provide more timely and accurate services to the customer.