The Business Challenge

25 Νοεμβρίου, 2019 12:48 πμ Published by

As the business grew and stores opened all around Greece, the Customer faced the challenge of improved operation control nationwide.

The booming business encountered several operational issues:

  • there was no central control of the customers’ activity and orders,
  • most customers would call the local store manager on his/her mobile phone to order,
  • peak hours (7:00 to 10:00 am) presented a serious challenge for the even distribution of orders and deliveries,
  • the small average cost of order (5-10€) meant that keeping a tight shop was crucial for the viability of the company.

The stores’ sizes (from small stands to large 24/365 outlets) and locations (inside other stores, malls, train stations, airports etc.) all over the country, also presented a challenge regarding the available means of interconnection (landlines, mobile phones, poor data connectivity).

The company decided that a centralized ordering system was necessary, so as to:

  • optimize delivery routes,
  • distribute orders evenly among local stores to optimize performance,
  • track customer and store activity to provide insight for workloads, provisions and staffing,
  • to control and evaluate store performance.