The Business Challenge

25 Νοεμβρίου, 2019 1:00 πμ Published by

The Customer’s operations require a range of telecom services and features in the most secure and reliable environment. Until recently some of their needs were covered by an outdated system, which had long passed its replacement time and was inadequate. To compete in an environment highly technological, the Customer needed a new system, which would cover the following major challenges in a unified and modern way:

  • IP PBX for 500 users, fully redundant
  • Conference system able to handle multiple participants with recording capabilities
  • Fax Server to send continuous updates to investors as well as daily transactions
  • Recording and Auditing Platform with Encryption
  • Contact Center features
  • Automated IVR for customer self-service functionality
  • Remote Branches and Users
  • Remote Recording for Branches (owned by the bank or by connected partners) with centralized management
  • Home users with encrypted communication and centralized recording for DR
  • DR site to their branch on another town.

After an RFP procedure where multiple vendors competed, including their original vendor, the Customer selected Exelysis and its solutions as a result of:

  • Offering a real Unified Solution.
  • All sub-systems were developed and branded by Exelysis.
  • Offering the highest value comparing to price.
  • Providing innovative solutions and offering the latest trends, thus being able to move to the next generation of technology.