The Solution

25 Νοεμβρίου, 2019 12:49 πμ Published by

Since most of the ordering was performed over the phone, Exelysis Contact Center offered the ideal solution to the problem of managing all those different voice connections. 

The implementation:

  • All stores were integrated into the system as agents – regardless of the communication means used (landline, GSM, VoIP).
  • A central phone number was adopted and advertised, directing all customer calls to an IVR application; this application was specifically designed to interoperate with the Customer’s Geographic Information System, providing, to the calling party, store proximity information and availability.
  • A small call center consisting of 2-5 people (depending on traffic) was developed inside the Customer’s HQ, to perform a short customer data collection (name, phone number, address). The purpose was to pinpoint the customer’s location and resolve situations where the phone number was not enough to automatically pinpoint him/her. 

The result:

  • 95% of the customer calls are identified as per the delivery address (after initial registration). The call is immediately redirected to the appropriate store (based on proximity and availability).
  • Call failures (a common issue due to the variety of the stores’ telephony resources) are handled by the system and redirected to another eligible store upon severe failure. So, customer frustration and order losses are minimized.
  • A disaster recovery service (fully automated) is provided from a private cloud facility with a dedicated server; the central phone number is redirected in case of failure of the central infrastructure and/ or telecom link, in order to provide temporary, fully automated customer service.