The Solution

25 Νοεμβρίου, 2019 1:05 πμ Published by

Exelysis tackled all challenges with a combination of solutions.

  • Exelysis Broadcast Dialer. The outbound automated dialing campaigns was the easy part. Exelysis Broadcast Dialer can perform thousands of concurrent calls, with large rates of new calls per second.
  • Modular IVR. Through the Modular IVR the customers can hover through prerecorded messages and experience the marketing approach.
  • Additionally, the Exelysis Real-time Monitoring, gave the option of A/B Testing: at the beginning of each campaign, and for the first thousand calls, the response to different messages is tested. As soon as the most effective message is determined, based on the conversion rate, the campaign continues with it until completion.
  • Exelysis Media Gateway & Contact Center Platforms. To provide the service with minimum hardware and rack space, Exelysis Lab, produces volumes reaching 1000 concurrent calls through a single 1U server. This happens, by utilizing virtualization technology and the Exelysis Media Gateway & Contact Center Platforms.