The Solution

6 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2019 12:33 μμ Published by

Exelysis implemented for the Customer, a Private Cloud infrastructure in the largest data center in Athens, Greece. In this new virtual environment created, all Customer’s systems were integrated, including Exelysis Contact Center, Exelysis Proxy Server, Exelysis Media Gateways, PC-Soft CRM, Domain Controller, Email Server, VPN Server, Databases, File Services and other.
On a telecom level, the infrastructure was connected to the telecom provider through direct links inside the data center, using multiple SIP trunks per provider and ensuring high availability and capacity.

As a result, all remote locations, agent-based, needed the minimum of hardware. Specifically, just a router to connect to the Private Cloud infrastructure and Access Switches for the agent PCs.
The Private Cloud infrastructure was designed to host effortlessly, more than 100 locations, 1000 concurrent agents and 3000 concurrent calls; any extra need, can be covered by simply adding hardware (e.g. router).