Distributed Call Center
Case Study

Case Study

Online Sales

The Company

The Customer was founded in 2008 and is one of the fastest emerging Call Center companies, having recorded double-digit growth numbers during its operation. Its growth model is distinguished by the addition of new premises and investment assets.

The Business Challenge

When the Customer started expanding its business with new locations, it became clear that this would be an ongoing process. This expansion would automatically require investment into new equipment, engineers and support for each new location. But the standalone implementations – per location - would not allow for common reporting, agent load balancing, centralized use of telecom resources and true economies of scale.

The Customer needed a redesign of their infrastructure to achieve a decrease in operating costs, sys-tem unification, easy expandability; also, to ensure equipment and data security and to support new technology trends like Remote Agents, SIP trunking, Location Based Routing and other.

The Solution

Exelysis implemented for the Customer, a Private Cloud infrastructure in the largest data center in Athens, Greece. In this new virtual environment created, all Customer’s systems were integrated, including Exelysis Contact Center, Exelysis Proxy Server, Exelysis Media Gateways, PC-Soft CRM, Domain Controller, Email Server, VPN Server, Databases, File Services and other.
On a telecom level, the infrastructure was connected to the telecom provider through direct links inside the data center, using multiple SIP trunks per provider and ensuring high availability and capacity.

As a result, all remote locations, agent-based, needed the minimum of hardware. Specifically, just a router to connect to the Private Cloud infrastructure and Access Switches for the agent PCs.
The Private Cloud infrastructure was designed to host effortlessly, more than 100 locations, 1000 concurrent agents and 3000 concurrent calls; any extra need, can be covered by simply adding hardware (e.g. router).

The Benefits

The implemented Exelysis solution allowed the Customer to evolve, to decrease its operational expenses and to improve its overall return on investment. And this happened through:

• The achieved economies of scale, via the utilization of all agents and telecom resources,
• the central monitoring of performance,
• the improvement in operating procedures and
• the increased of availability and security of its infrastructure.

Overall benefit for the Customer? Differentiation, innovation and growth through new partnerships and clientele.


Through this implementation, the Call Center managed to:

  • Achieve economies of scale
  • Improve call center operations
  • Monitor performance centrally
  • Increase availability
  • Improve security

The Exelysis features that enabled the above benefits were:

  • Private Cloud Implementation
  • Predictive Dialing
  • Encrypted Recording
  • Custom CRM
  • Campaign Management
  • Real-time Monitoring

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