Outbound Campaigns

With Predictive, Preview and Broadcast dialing provided through Exelysis, outbound campaigns are performed with high efficiency and results.

AgentTalk Time - 
Predictive Algorithm
Exelysis Contact Center’s Predictive Dialing feature uses an innovative algorithm which adapts itself to the quality of the outbound campaign by utilizing statistical information accumulated from the tasks already executed.
The algorithm is self-optimized for agent time utilization, but can be adjusted easily to improve different aspects, like overflowed calls, silent calls, etc.
By default, the algorithm offers 75-85% agent time utilization (talk time) and a percentage of silent calls below 0.5% of the total calls dialed.
With aggressive dialing, most of our implementations usually work at over 90% agent utilization time.

Preview Dialing

The Preview Dialing feature, used more often in our Servicer implementations, allows the agent to preview the calling case before being connected to the customer while taking advantage of all the organized calling features provided by the Predictive Dialing functionality. 

Broadcast Dialing

Exelysis Contact Center’s Broadcast Dialer is able to produce thousands of concurrent calls with minimal resources and is being used by telecom providers worldwide to communicate with their customers in large scale campaigns.


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