& Openness – CTI

Exelysis Contact Center provides fully documented object oriented APIs, which allow to extend the system and interoperate with 3rd party software (CRM, ERP etc.).

Integration applications can range from the simplest to the more sophisticated, and include:


Contact Page pop-up

Whenever a call is connected, the respective contact page from the CRM or ERP is opened to provide the agent with the necessary information.


Click to call

The agent can click on a phone number on the CRM or ERP (or other integrated software) and the number is automatically called and connected to the agent.


Integration of agent functionality into CRM

All Agent actions (login, call answer, call hold, call transfer etc.) can be integrated in the CRM UI. An all-in-one tool for the Agent.


IVR integration

The IVR can communicate with 3rd party software or databases and provide automated interaction with the customer.


Automated campaigns

Campaign lists can be uploaded directly from the CRM, using its customer selection procedure.


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